Introducing the specific flow of Intellectual Property valuation

Commercialization and Transactions

Valuation of patent rights is one of the main activities related to intellectual property management within an organization.
Knowing the economic value of the intellectual property rights assists in the strategic decisions,
but also facilitates the commercialization and transactions concerning intellectual property rights.

サービス / Services

The flow of intellectual property valuation is shown in the order of Phases, IP/IA, Approaches, and Services.


Understand aspects of valuing intellectual property and intangible assets such as M&A, joint ventures, bankruptcies, sales, licenses, patent infringement lawsuits, financing, patent protection strategies, accounting and tax purposes.


Confirm the target for evaluating the intellectual property and intangible assets such as Patent rights, Trademark rights, Utility model rights, Design rights, Copyrights, Circuit layout usage rights, Breeder rights, Trade secrets, Software based on actual conditions, Customer lists, Technology not protected by patents, Databases, Results of intermediate stages of R&D activities.


Select an approach for evaluating intellectual property and intangible assets, Income approach (Relief from Royalty method, Profit split method, Excess earning method, license out), cost approach (Reproduction cost method, Replacement cost method), market approach (Comparable transaction multiple method), option approach (option pricing models), etc.


We support operating income analysis, contribution analysis, cost analysis, obsolescence rate analysis, royalty rate analysis, discount rate analysis, TAB analysis, Capital charge analysis, fair value evaluation for intellectual property and intangible assets, and business & equity value evaluation.

支援事例 / An example of service

Although the valuation of intellectual property is carried out in various situations, since the income approach (Relief from Royalty method) is adopted for many intellectual properties, we will introduce the support contents based on this method. Regarding the information of analysis items, we provide support contents for each case based on the information provided by your company or our analysis.

Although the scope shown here is the content of support based on the income approach for intellectual property, for example, in PPA for M&A purpose, it is appropriate for intangible assets recognized from the recognition of intangible assets. We select an evaluation method and evaluate the fair value. Fee flexibly corresponds to the scope analyzed. Please feel free to contact us regarding the valuation of intellectual property facing your company.

Financial info

Analysis item




Operating rev

Market size

Market analysis

Business plan

Usage/Market Share

Market analysis

Business plan

Return rate

Market analysis

Business plan

Obsolescence rate

Patent status

Information PBC

Business plan

Loyalty rate

Loyalty rate analysis

Business plan

Fair value

Discount rate

Discount rate analysis


TAB calculation

Discount calculation


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